Have you ever...

Been overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition information out there for people with IBD?

Skipped meals during the day because you’re worried about triggering symptoms? 

Been confused about which foods you can and can’t tolerate? 

Tried diets (like SCD, GAPS, AIP, etc.) and felt they were too restrictive?

I get it, because I felt the same way.

When I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis my doctor told me to keep a food diary so that I could find my trigger foods.

I diligently tracked my diet for 1 week and brought it into the doctor for our next appointment. I remember feeling SO proud that I had tracked my diet for so long.

When I told him I tracked my diet and showed him my food diary he didn't even look at it. Instead he said, "Great! Keep tracking it and let me know if you find anything."
...To say I felt deflated and confused was an understatement.

How could I find my trigger foods if I had NO IDEA what I was looking for?!

How would I even know I "found" a trigger food?

Needless to say, I didn't keep tracking it because I knew I didn't know enough for it to be useful.

Since going to college and becoming a dietitian, I learned a LOT more about nutrition and slowly improved the nutritional quality of my diet. Even though that helped improve my symptoms a little bit, I still struggled with feeling confident in knowing my food triggers and maintaining a stress-free eating experience.

I started researching more about nutrition and IBD and implemented a lot of different things to see what might help.
Now, I’m in remission and don’t have to worry about triggering symptoms because I am confident knowing which foods I can and can’t tolerate.

Since changing my own diet, I’ve helped countless people with IBD build their own confidence in knowing what to eat and avoid and get into symptom remission.

Now, it’s your turn! 

It’s time to:

- Learn which foods you can and can’t tolerate once and for all

- Be confident about making food decisions so that you can eat without triggering symptoms, whether you're at home or eating out with friends

- Have more predictable bowel movements so that you don’t have to cancel on plans last minute

- Be able to confidently plan out your meals for the week

All of this is possible.

You just need guidance on where to start and a system to help you find your trigger foods and better tolerated alternatives.

"Before, I was struggling with a bad relationship with food, eating very few veggies and fruits, and had a lot of fear of trying new foods.

The course helped me expand my diet without being afraid, and implement a stress management activity before going to sleep every night.

The [diet] modules were the best, especially the video on how to have a better relationship with food. I would definitely recommend [the course] to someone else with IBD - there are no trainings like this!"

- Paola

Overview of what you'll get:

6 Nutrition-Based Modules Including:

- The latest IBD nutrition research guidelines from a dietitian's interpretation

- Practical tips for eating outside the home

- Guidelines to help you improve your relationship with food

- Steps for identifying trigger foods with safe-swaps

- Tips to help with kitchen efficiency and cooking...and more!

Bonus Content:

- You'll get the entire Flare Fighter Recipe Book including dozens of curated breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes curated specifically for people with IBD

- Plus a free guided meditation to improve stress resilience and optimize a supportive gut-brain connection

Here's a Sneak Peek Inside the Modules:

MODULE 1: Evidence-based Nutrition for Crohn's & Colitis Explained

Get evidence-based nutrition information from a single trusted source

Are you overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition information out there? In this module, you'll learn all about the evidence for use of the different IBD diets out there, the truth about fiber, and the 2020 evidence-based diet guidelines for IBD, the truth about fiber and more..

MODULE 2: Diet: a Tool for Symptom Remission

Before finding your trigger foods, you need to learn which foods you actually can tolerate. I'll also be talking about what a trigger food is and the difference between trigger, anti-inflammatory, and inflammatory foods. Also, you'll get a safe foods grocery list. This list isn't meant to be used to restrict your diet. Instead, it's actually meant to help you safely expand your diet- but I'll explain more about this in the course.

MODULE 3: Improve your Relationship with Food to Actually Enjoy Eating

Are you...

  • thinking about food often?
  • eating the same foods over and over again?
  • worried about how your past meal will affect your symptoms?
  • skipping meals because you're tired and/or worried about eating?
  • moralizing foods as "bad" vs. good?
  • anxious about eating more than your limited number of safe foods?

Research suggests that approximately 75% of people with IBD had a decrease in appetite and pleasure in eating after diagnosis. In this module, I'll not only share how to gain a better relationship with food but also how to make eating more pleasurable. A solid relationship with food is one where:

  • you don't feel restricted
  • you're free of preoccupation with food
  • you no longer have feelings of guilt arise after eating certain foods
  • you don't need to skip meals
  • and you don't have anxiety around making food decisions.

Finally, a healthy relationship with food is one where you can actually enjoy eating.... sound too good to be true? It's not, and I walk you through it all in this module.

MODULE 4: Find your Trigger Foods & Better Tolerated Alternatives

After implementing what you'll learn in modules 3 and 4 and expand your diet to include more safe fruits and vegetables, you'll be able to focus on finding your trigger foods. This module I'll walk you through that process. I'll also share common trigger foods and better tolerated alternatives. When you want a diet you can follow for the long haul, you need variety which is why you'll be encouraged to test for trigger foods and replace them with alternatives- because you can't live on plain baked chicken and rice forever!! You deserve a life where you get pleasure out of eating!

MODULE 5: Cooking for your Crohn's or Colitis

Module 5 is putting it all into practice. But what if you're too tired to cook? I'll walk you through that process in this module, so you come away with practical, applicable knowledge of how to navigate your kitchen with maximum efficiency when you're running on minimum energy. I'll also share ideas tackling how to make any recipe more flare-friendly, because we all deserve to feel confident and excited about a new recipe, without added stress of IBD. The skills learned in this module will make you feel like you can finally fit IBD into your life, rather than trying to shrink your life to fit into a restrictive recipe.

MODULE 6: How to Eat Outside Your Home

Have you skipped outings because you're worried about a limited menu? Have you avoided gatherings because you're dreading eating at a friend/family member's house? Do you often go for the appetizer because you're unsure which menu item might cause you discomfort? This module addresses all of these commonly experienced sources of anxiety, and in return, gives you applicable advice for how to manage eating out, because a social life is an important part of life, and you deserve to keep yours. I'll also discuss practical tips to keep you feeling at-ease while traveling.

BONUS: Recipes & Guided Meditation

I included an entire book full of flare-friendly recipes, complete with recipes for snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. Additionally, the gut-brain axis continues to be highlighted in research, so I included a guided meditation to help you visualize yourself in optimal health while calming your nervous system.

What people are saying about

our courses

"Before starting the course I had a hard time figuring out what foods were "safe" or not to eat. I would try to do a lot of research but I always found conflicting information and I felt like I was limiting my diet so much that eating was just not enjoyable anymore. 

This course helped me understand which foods are safe to eat while not completely limiting my diet and the best ways to prepare food to help with digestion. Having the safe foods list has been so helpful because I can easily just look at it that while grocery shopping and pick items from it which gives me peace of mind that I most likely won't have symptoms from it. I've begun to learn which foods are my trigger foods and which foods are more inflammatory than others which has been really helpful so that if I do have symptoms I'm not freaking out trying to figure out why and what caused it. 

Also, learning how to substitute ingredients in recipes has been a huge help! Now when I look at recipes and I see ingredients that might not agree with my body I can confidently substitute them for better options that are safer for me. 

Another thing that I have learned is how important stress management is when you have ulcerative colitis. I was never that great at working on my stress and would just brush it aside thinking it's just part of life but going through this course has really shown me how important it is to build those stress management techniques in order to really help reduce symptoms. 

Finally the last thing I have learned through the course is that it's ok to just enjoy food! I was so miserable when I was completely limiting my diet because that's what I thought would help. But in reality it actually made my symptoms worse. Now after taking the course I feel like I have a more expansive diet and I am actually happy to eat. I'm not scared anymore to have a day here or there to eat something that I really want knowing that it might not be the best. I would rather enjoy that meal and be happy! 

I liked that each week focused on a different topic and that there was so much bonus material as well. I definitely love the recipe book too and have gotten some great ideas from it!!

I would definitely recommend [the course]! It was so helpful to have all the information in a powerpoint to be able to watch and learn on my own time. I felt like the information provided covered pretty much everything I had questions on already."

- Samie

Here's everything you'll get:

-6 x IBD EATS modules to help guide you gain clarity on what to eat and avoid

-Lifetime access to modules & resources to learn at your own pace

-Safe-Foods grocery list so you can start expanding your diet stress-free

-Bonus Modules: Guided meditation & entire recipe book

Are you ready to eat confidently with IBD?

One-Time Purchase: